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Re: Happy 1st Birthday JuneBugs!!

Mer - Are you not wanting to tandem nurse Henna and baby? If you're willing/wanting, I wouldn't worry about weaning her. If you're not wanting to (which I totally understand, it's the choice I made with Zech and Isaac myself) I would still hold off until closer to baby's edd. I nursed Zech until he was 16mos, gave myself a 3mos break between that and baby's birth.
With him, actually with Isaac too, we did the same thing we did with Ruthie. When we decided to wean (which was at a point when they were only nursing first in the AM, before nap, and before bed) we gave them a sippy cup with warm milk in it then read stories and had lots of cuddle time while they drank it. I think we did one nursing session at a time, started with the nap, then morning, then bedtime. But not terribly long and drawn out process.

Shannon -

AFM: No 3rd nipples here, lol. I've got Levi's cake cut out and some parts shaved down, some built up. I need to throw a layer of icing on it tomorrow and start working with the fondant to get the right colors. I think it's going to work out. If not, I've got lots of icing in the house so I'll just use that. I hope the fondant works though.

Tomorrow morning I have to get ready to take Isaac to his nursery school year-end party. We had graduation and a BBQ a couple weeks ago, but they always try to do a little something special at the very end. They were hoping to do a swimming party but there's still so much flooding around here. So we're going bowling instead, and if it's nice (not supposed to be though) we'll go to a park afterwards. Isaac is excited and I know Levi will have fun, he loves being with all the kids.

I think DH is taking a sick day tomorrow to deal with our van. It's really not running okay at all... just not good. He's hoping to call a guy and get it in to be repaired tomorrow.
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