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Re: Not getting this fleece diaper cover thing...

Originally Posted by boysniris View Post
I disagree w/the PPs, it's not NORMAL to get drenched through either fleece or wool, but it WILL happen if the diaper underneath is soaked. I have found that, since we ONLY use fleece or wool, putting on just a PF is not really an adequate diaper (I have LL premiums). I often put a doubler in the front, folded in half, if DS is only going to wear a PF.

You definitely have to increase the absorbency of the diapers, b/c fleece and wool can start to wick wetness though the fabric once a diaper is wet on the outside. Some mamas may not want to do this in order to use fleece or wool covers, but we have to do it b/c my DS gets rashy in a PUL cover and getting wet all the time is definitely not an option.
Originally Posted by boysniris View Post
I just wanted to add that if my DS is in a PF, I like to change him every time he wets so he's not sitting w/a wet diaper against his skin (that will also give him a rash). He is pretty sensitive, so most of the time he has a stay-dry inner against his skin and can tolerate a wet diaper for a couple hours. I tend to mainly use hemp or bamboo diapers, too, so they hold more wetness than a cotton PF (even a premium PF is only good for one pee IME). My DS is 2. HTHs!
Ditto all of this! We use fleece exclusively since DS is allergic to wool and PUL, and I can count the number of true leaks we've had on one hand (and all of those were because DS held it an extraordinary amount of time and massively flooded). If I wait quite a while after the pee to change him, it may feel warm to the touch, or occasionally damp, but definitely not to the point that it would get me wet while babywearing. I will say I only use prefolds or thin bamboo inserts underneath, but I also change immediately when he's wet, so leaks are a non issue.
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