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Re: How often do you nurse a 10+ month old??

My dd was nursing 6X a day at that age. Basically when she woke, before & after each of her 2 naps and then at bedtime. She wasn't real big into eating huge amounts of solids, but drank lots of water in a sippy throughout the day.

My dd just finished self weaning this last month due to my milk supply dropping & starting to change to colostrum. She dropped to 4 nursing sessions a day around 15 or 16 months and varied between 3 & 4 pretty much right up until she started getting frustrated at the lack of milk.

As long as your dd is nursing your body will customize the milk to how much she wants & you won't dry up. My daughter was a real booby baby & never took a soother or bottle so that might've been part of the reason why she kept nursing as often as she got older. I think she'd still be nursing if I still had milk.

So far as how some people nurse past 2 yrs and longer, I think it just depends on the child. Some babies really do self wean before 1yr of age for whatever reason despite moms best efforts. Maybe someone else will have more insight on that...
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