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Originally Posted by littleleaf
So is your $200-300 budget just for getting CD's for now (the next few months), or more or less completing your stash for the entire diapering period?

I'd say for the newborn/infant stage, definitely get some fitteds. It's funny, we started with prefolds and covers, moved to prefolds and wool, then to fitteds and wool, and now we are back with prefolds and wool, with flats and covers for sitters. I love the simplicity of prefolds and flats, and they wash out easy. I also love the breathability of wool, and love fitteds for going coverless, although I do find that they take more washing to get them clean.

You can also get some Megaroos extended tab prefolds (ETPFs), which is almost like a fitted if you have her add snaps. They are super absorbent and fit for a long time.

And if I can tempt you with some wool, I have this upcycled cashmere/interlock skirty...
Uhm...all of the above? Lol Fitteds are gtg more appealing-seems everyone loves them.

Beautiful wool, but wool scares me.
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