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Re: Discouraged...what if lo is allergic to pul, seudecloth and being wet?

Originally Posted by lexismommy23 View Post
I just wanted to come back and update....

Turns out my super sensitive pale girl does have a milk protein allergy and that was causing some of her rashes. She is doing great in motherease cotton sandys with a microfleece liner and an emotibums fleece cover. This combo fits her great and we haven't had any issues at all.
I was just skimming this thread, and was going to chime in that my first suspicion would be food allergies. My little guy has a severe milk protein allergy (as well as being sensitive to soy, wheat, peas, sweet pototoes, and bananas- whew!)

But before we knew about the milk allergy (and he was mostly breastfed at the time, but took Allimentum 1-2 bottles a day) he had a lot the same issues you were describing. After a severe reaction to Enfamil (hospital trip, Epi shot, etc) we learned that he was allergic to milk. I did research and ended up switching to Neocate formula (have to get from pharmacy) and weaning him, and his skin cleared up in 3 days. He occ. breaks out (eczema) but most often it's related to a food- a slip in his diet. (wheat, soy)
We have to completely avoid milk and carry an Epi pen with us.

I do use some AIO's w/ him (Ragababe), but have learned I really prefer natural fabrics next to his skin. So I safe the AIO's for nighttime and nursery/Daddy. Otherwise I use flats w/ covers. They work great, aren't really that hard to deal w/ and I stress less over laundry. I never worry about buildup in my flats. They come so nice and clean and dry so quick.

I don't know what to do about the other child, but I would think about their diet, too. Allergies tend to run in families.
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