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Is this enough for our hospital stay?

Im due in a few weeks and I am packing for the hospital. DH has decided he wants to use cloth at the hospital, and we are anticipating a 48 hour stay if all goes well. I have 12 tiny g pants, 7 thirsties xs covers, 4 thirsties duo wraps, 24 preemie prefolds, 12 gmd orange edge prefolds, flushable liners, a few wetbags, a snappi, and a sample size CJs butter packed. I have sposie wipes to take with us for now, but can send DH home to get the cloth wipes if needed, and I have 12 additional gmd oranges, and 10 sherpa prefolds of the same size as the gmd prefolds at home that I can send him to get if I need them. DH is willing to do diaper laundry if I need him to. Is this everything I need?? I had not planned on cloth at the hospital, but I left diaperswappers up on our computer and now he knows the ickiness of sposies, so he is all on board for cloth. I just want to be prepared so our first attempt at cloth goes smoothly
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