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Re: Happy 1st Birthday JuneBugs!!

Tamara -

Elena - Is the car all fixed? Ours is dead beyond repair, and shocker due to forclosure we can't get a loan to get a used car so I will be renting for awhile - thankfully renting in the UK is crazy cheap.

SO I only nursed Henna to sleep last night - but then when she woke up I would just pat her. I think I'm hating it so much because I think I'm dry - she seems to constantly WANT to nurse - but she is also constantly frustrated so I spend all night with a boob in her mouth getting bit and cried at and I already wanted to climb out of my skin. I tried giving her a bottle which she just held on to - until she found out it had milk in it...which wasn't until like 4 am, then she just wanted me to look at her why she drank that and went back to sleep - so at least I'm still useful hoping this means better nights for us - I haven't slept in ages.
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