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Re: Does anyone else's preemie get dismissed bc of their size or progress?

I can understand where people are coming from when they dismiss your baby as being a preemie. There are different classes of early birth that get different amounts of extra treatment. In my mind there is under 28 weeks, under 30 weeks, and under 34.

Even with my water already broken the doctors wanted me to make it to 34 weeks because by then DS would pretty much just be a small baby. That would have been 2 and a half weeks with a large risk of infection, but it was considered more risky to be born at that point. I'm pretty sure I've heard the goal for a lot of HOM is 34 weeks as well.
The little hospital in my little town lets women give birth there at 36 weeks because they consider it full term enough. So depending on what day of 35 weeks someone is and how sure they are of the conception date they might have a baby in a hospital that doesn't even plan on keeping babies in the nursery.

There are even different classes of preemie based on race and sex but those are probably only noted by OB's and specialist pediatricians.

If you're baby should have gotten the RSV shots would have been based on a lot of things, would your insurance cover it? Did DD have any breathing issues? Was she around a lot of other children? Did you ask the doctor about it? RSV isn't just a preemie illness, it's something that any child can get.

For schedules there is so much time for babies to do things anyway I'm not sure they matter all that much as long as the baby was born without complication. DS didn't walk until almost 14 months, that is still normal. DS only has two full teeth, that is on the far end of normal so I can subtract 8 weeks and make it normal. DS didn't roll over from front to back until 5 months, that's still normal. If someone had a baby at 37 weeks I don't think they would take off 3 weeks to compare their baby to a 40 week baby. For most things it really doesn't matter. Basically for reaching milestones the preemie weeks just give you a couple more weeks before you should worry about the kid being behind.
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