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Red Rasberry leaf tea/capsules and stronger BH contractions?

This is my 3rd pregnancy so I've experience BH contractions before but with my last 2 they were never this strong/painful. With my 1st 2 they were just a tightening that kind of took my breath away for a second, not painful but maybe a bit annoying. I hadn't had any this pregnancy up until about 28 weeks and they are just different than what my other 2 have been. Stronger, crampier, bordering on painful most of the time and pretty painful others. The only difference I can think of is I have been doing RRL for a while now at the recommendation of my midwives. I've been doing the capsules since about 26 weeks and the tea I just started about a week ago. I'm almost 32 weeks now.
Has anyone had this experience with taking RRL? I know it is meant to help strengthen the uterus so I'm guessing it would make sense for the contractions I have to be stronger but just wanted to see if anyone else had the same experience.

ETA just so nobody freaks out and thinks I'm having a ton of BH I never have more than the 6 in the hour that my midwives say to watch out for. I'd say I have maybe 6 or 7 a day.
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