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Re: Does anyone else's preemie get dismissed bc of their size or progress?

I dont worry about DS being "behind" but I do see that sometimes it takes him a little longer and trust me I am OK with that. My first son passed away only hours after birth due to prematurity. I know the pain it is to walk away without your baby and I have no issues with my son being just the way he is. Part of the reason I am paranoid about my sons development has nothing to do with being five weeks early. I had a very difficult pregnancy and had to have a great deal of meds for most of my pregnancy just for my son to survive and I am scared to death that may cause some problem when he is older. They tell you it is safe but how can you be sure? Given the choice of meds or losing my baby again I obviously happily took the drugs but hated every minute. I just didn't mention it because I understand the feelings this mama has as I have been there too. I guess it will always go back to mostly just wanting to be understood. I totally get that we didn't have him in the 20 week range and I thank God for that because it was so close so many times. It makes me want to cry when I think about how close we came to losing him too. I spent my pregnancy on bedrest with my mom living with me as I could only go to the bathroom and have 15min showers for five months.(maybe more I forget when it started) It was worth every stay in the hospital every moment of pain and everything I went through to have this little stinker trying to push buttons as I type. (he is supposed to be sleeping!)
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