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Re: I need to understand something about those not bf.

Well, Happysmileylady, this:

"If you are cd'ing for the a) money savings, b) health reasons, c) environmental factors..."

Is what led to the comment you quoted, which was basically stating the fact that a) formula is expensive as are spouses b) it is not as healthy in the sense that it isn't chemical or, in the case of cow's milk, hormone free, again similar to thebfact that sposies are full of chemicals also and c) it is not environmentally friendly due to the waste (also like disposables)

So it was in relation to the reasons I've seen here for most of the cd use (in a poll posted sometime last week) that I posted those 3 specific things.

And again, I posted it HERE, in the BF forum, NOT in the FF forum because I was sincere in my question, and not trying to incite a riot.
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