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Re: I need to understand something about those not bf.

I cd and I did ff (she weaned herself off the bottle, sweet!) not by choice.

I think the only real answer to your question is
a) lack of education/support
b) personal choice
c) medical reasons

I personally don't think it should matter why someone else chose to feed something to their kid. It's just such a personal question...and at the end of the day, why does it matter? I think it's great you feel so strongly about breastfeeding, but it is a very hot topic, not only in here but everywhere. I was in a PPD group, and every single one of us first time mamas in the group identified with each other because we felt inadequate and like failures because every where we turn there are other mothers out there questioning us and no matter what our answer, they judge us all the same and act like we are poisoning our children. Regardless of what you mean, it always, always comes off as judgmental and often times does offend.

Do you think the moms who really tried to breastfeed like being questioned every other day?

I tend to stay out of the feeding forums because I spent so many months battling to breastfeed that it is a very emotional subject for me, but this thread popped in my unread threads and I couldn't not comment.

Advocate all you want it's not a bad thing to do, more education is desperately needed, but at the same time, I think questioning people's motives about it is what makes it such a hot topic. Everyone has their own reasons for doing or not doing something, and I think that should be enough for anyone else and their neighbor too.

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