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Question Re: Am I overprotective?

My ds (9 mos) won't be spending the night at my parents (I don't have any living in laws, so at least there is only one set of parents to contend with!) any time in the forseeable future. I just don't think that little babies and toddlers are mature enough for overnight visits. Obviously, there are extenuating circimstances, and you do the best you can in them, but for a visit? No way.

We will have to decide what to do when dc #2 is born (we will probably be TTC this fall). IMO, that's another big strike in favor of a homebirth. But our hospital here will discharge as soon as 6 hrs after the birth if everyone is doing ok...I am just concerned with their definition of everyone doing ok. DS had some breathing issues that turned out to be minor, but there is no way they would have discharged him - they wouldn't even let me nurse him until 12 hrs after he was born because he was breathing too fast and they didn't want to stress him (I am still upset about that, and next baby would be more insistant).

BTW - my parents are the *only* people who have ever babysat ds. And I doubt that will change anytime soon, either. If they can't watch him, we either take him with us, or don't go. I love my son, and my absolute first priority is his safety and security. I don't care who I offend to keep him safe and secure.

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