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Re: I need to understand something about those not bf.

Originally Posted by eahcapemay View Post
I can think of lots of reasons-

She wants to completely equally co-parent with her husband.

She has to go back to work at a job where pumping will be difficult and she doesn't to deal with a baby who won't take a bottle or drink formula. Or she would rather never have her supply come in then deal with abruptly not pumping/nursing.

She has issues with being touched. These can stem from sexual assault or sensory issues.

She's struggled in the past and wants to just focus on establishing a relationship with her new baby and not on stressing out over establishing her supply.

She just doesn't want to.

I know you didn't intend this post to sound judgy but it does. Formula feeding is a sensitive issue around here and threads like this only deepen the schism. Also your assuming that people are consist in all their choices. They're not. Inconsistency is inherent in human nature. People frequently make life choices that are illogical.

Choosing not to breast feed doesn't make you a bad mom. Choosing to breast feed past 2 doesn't make you a bad mom. Choosing not to feed your child makes you a bad mom.

Although I will admit I get a bit judgy when I see soda in bottles...Really lady your 15 month old demanded his own bottle of RC cola?
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