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Re: Camping with a 2yr old and 3 month old

Hmmmm.... I don't have any useful advice for you, but I do have a related anecdote...

Last summer, we went tent camping at a state park with "pack in" sites (no road leading in, so you had to carry all your stuff over a mile from the parking lot to the camping area). A family with a toddler and a newborn set up camp right next to us and I told my husband I couldn't believe they were going to attempt it. The mom stayed in camp with the kids and the dad spent hours hauling in all their stuff. It took them literally all day to set up their campsite....huge "family tent" with cots, a screened tent over the picnic table, a camp stove, a couple of gigantic coolers. It was crazy.

Oh, and they also had two weimeraners!

That night, the baby started howling and it echoed all over the park. You could hear all the other campers in their tents, waking up and rolling around in their sleeping bags. You couldn't hear them cursing, but I'm sure there was a fair bit of that too. The poor kid cried until dawn. And, at some point, one of their dogs ran off too. Yikes.

Later that following morning, the family packed up all that stuff and went home. That's when my husband and I agreed that we wouldn't take our kid camping until s/he was just a weeeeeee bit older.

Good luck to you. Be sure to give us a trip report when you come back!
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