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Re: Happy 1st Birthday JuneBugs!!

Oh my. Is he ever so handsome, Elena I wanna see cake pics!

Glad your van is fixed. Ours just failed inspection and it will be around $1300 to fix it :/

AFK: growth spurt and toofs 9-12 are halfway in- the ones on the sides, his eye teeth aren't in yet . he is also talking like crazy "kailani can you hand me my keys?" to which he does and says, "here" and then the cadence of "your welcome" when you say thank you. he also has a one track mind, like when we left the park yesterday, he kept turning around to walk back even after I tried the millionth distraction and we had turned the corner so he couldnt see it. finally had to carry him into the house. Also he is testing out running which means he has busted his teeth thru his bottom lip 2 times in a day, stubbed his toe bloody, etc. I tried flip flops on him yesterday, per DH's insistence and he walked great with them. Took them off about 20 min later and he had blisters on his arches. No more shoes for now

AFM: survived the ILs visit although had to explain why we don't pronounce his name the way they want us to. I think it bothered his sis the most bc they asked me when Hana wasn't there and then later, when I wasn't around, she had her daughter ask Hana again why. I think she thought I was lying when I said it was his choice. she was all like, "well you know when you take him to hawaii they are going to pronounce it like this -----" and hana said, "Well I will correct them EVERY time". like wtf did she expect us to say, "oh thanks for bringing it up when he is a YEAR old instead of before. Now we will just tell him his name is different?" She irks me anyway.
and my stepdad- oy. Hana told him he wasn't going to work JUST tues and wed so he could spend some of the week with his parents. my dad said ok. Then never called him thurs or fri. Hana called him, left msg, he never called. Sunday was the family party and I said something to him and he said, "I tried calling" (BS, we didn't get calls on EITHER phone) "and I never got a call from him" not true. also, "I don't know how to get my messages" bad idea if that is your business cell! and he didn't see missed call? THEN hana calls him Monday and he says he has 2 dr appts so no work. he calls hana tues and says he has a lot of stuff to do around the house so no work. the point is work is getting slow anyway, so why work last wk alone (he is not supposed to due to heart issues) ESP when it was over 100 degrees and this week, screw around and it's only 78 degrees? Hana is working today, but that is a LOT of missed work (he also blew him off one day 2 wks ago bc he decided last minute to drive to OH for a 50yr college reunion). Idk what we are going to do. we were doing a bit better than ok in April and May bc it was a lot of work. i can't get a job that would pay enough to even cover daycare (not that i want to) plus the kids are off for the summer and i am still schooling DS4....can't do home daycare since this place is falling apart. <sigh>
Jul, This used to be a great place

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