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Re: Happy 1st Birthday JuneBugs!!

Elena: I wanna see cake pics too! I love Isaacs cake, you are so creative! And the treasure do you come up with ideas like that? I love that one pic at his graduation where he was looking up too, that is adorable!

Jul: Family can be a PITA! Luckily, most of mine are tolerable. Our parents live very close and we see them often so I am happy they are ok. But I have some extended family we only see once in a while that can be difficult. Like DH's grandmother....she is always trying to tell me what Addi needs. "She's hungry because you won't let her eat" when she was 5 or so months old and EBF. "She's cold! I'll get her a blanket" and insists that I used said blanket in 80 degree weather at the family reunion where everyone else is wearing shorts! Bugs me! And everytime Addi would fuss (mainly from so many people and so many hands trying to touch her) it was always her teeth. Just because a baby who doesn't have all her teeth yet cries, doesn't mean she is teething!

AFMAddi fell She was in a wagon outside (like a little garden wagon). I put a blanket on the bottom of it and toys inside. It has walls and she can't stand so I thought it would be ok. We were right there, working on the garden, no more than 5 feet away from her. She flipped out of it and landed on the ground. Her fingers were caught in the mesh siding though. I ran and lifted her body up so her fingers would come loose. She screamed and screamed. I felt so bad She is fine now except 2 fingers are bruised a little. I feel like bad mommy. Since she crawls all over now, what am I supposed to do with her? I can't wear her anymore, the carrier won't buckle anymore and when DH wears her she starts arching and fighting after a few minutes. I think it's that he doesn't have big squishy, soft pillows on his chest lol.
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