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Re: "Code words" you use around your LO

DD is two. Very two. Pity me!

We call all drinks "coffee". Soda, coffee, alcohol, juice... anything we don't want her to have a sip of! She knows she doesn't like "coffee" and stops begging for it!

My DH is getting his MBA at night, but we can't say "school". We have to call it "Work" because DD will freak out and think he's going to her preschool, and want to go, too!

Can't say "I'm going to the store" anymore, unless she's invited, because she knows that phrase and will tantrum all over the place if we don't take her... so we say "be right back" for anything and everything.

Good gravy. There's like ten more examples that just popped into my head. This is the problem with having a wicked-smart toddler!! She is definitely paying attention, and definitely knows what is going on!

She's just now to the point of repeating things I say, so there has been a rapid decrease in my foul language the last few weeks!! I'd hate to hear my little parrot say Oh crap! :rflmbo:
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