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Re: help with my wool

Yes, spray inside and out. I don't normally use spray as I prefer to soak once every few months in a lanolin bath I think it just does a better/more thorough job.

Also, I just want to say that you don't HAVE to lanolize. I know a few mamas who are allergic to lanolin and use their wool as is. They wash with straight up baby shampoo. Now the lanolin helps to make the wool WATERPROOF. Think of it like a grease or oil.

Yes, wool can absorb up to 35% it's weight in moisture before it leaks. If too much lanolin is used it will just repell all residual wetness and not absorb at all, but hey, that takes a LOT of lanolin!

From the sounds of it, my guess would be that you just need a bit more absorbency and an extra bit of lanonlin throughout the wetzone

Hope this helps!

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