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Re: Against my better judgment, I return to Tide and regret it. :(

Originally Posted by NewCDerInCO View Post
AND- Rumparooz customer service, for one, recommends tide as their 1st choice detergent... and does NOT recommend RnG AT ALL....says if you use RnG and have elastic or delamination issues, they will not replace your diapers.
I noticed that Rumparooz also recommends to use Enzymes if your child isn't sensitive versus a detergent that has NO enzymes.

Then I hop over to Happy Heiny's page and they recommend Tide as their top choice but say NEVER EVER use Bleach. They also recommend no natural deteregents like seventh gen that can leave a residue on your diapers.

Then I check out Fuzzibunz and they say to stay away from detergents with brighteners or additives because they can cause buildup but they highly recommend detergents like seventh generation saying they will cause NO buildup or residue.

Then Cottonbabies recommends bleach 1/4 cup every month and NO TIDE.

Then somewhere else says Enzymes will break down the fibers of your diapers and shorten their life.

It is enough to make your head spin. No wonder we are all so confused!
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