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Re: I lost my tandem nurslings on Friday!

Originally Posted by sugacube View Post
I'm so sorry mama. What ordeal to go thru! For your children too. Do you mean to say that he uses a belt for discipline and calls it "momma" or am I mistaken? Maybe that will be the rope he hangs himself with. What a twisted person to do that.
Yes, ma'am! You are not mistaken. He's out of control even to the point of physical abuse/violence against me as of 5-25-11, in front of church members, their children, and shamefully, our 6 year old son, who was caught up in the middle of him assaulting me at his own Kindergarten graduation celebration.

This is a sad situation to be in, and I'm trying now to get something done about it asap, but my witness (the guy who pulled him off me) won't come with me to file charges, but says he will not oppose being supeonaed by the courts. However, I am having a hard time trying to a domestic violence case, or assault charges in the courts, because the magistrate's office will not take me at my word except I have that witness. I've been bugging legal aid, but getting a run around, so please send your prayers to the God of heaven and earth if you are a believer, I need His guidance and power to keep at it. I battle with making light of his physical attack and doing whatever it takes to make sure he doesn't be left to believe that his actions are excusable or acceptable.

I know many of can't help but care, because your hearts are compassionate, so thanks for being concerned enough to send me hugs, and encouragment.
"Blessed None-the-less"
I've lost custody of my children b/c my religious convictions are opposed to vaccinations, I practiced child-led weaning, and was a stay-at-home mother that desired to home-school. Yet no harm proven! But to have them anytime is enough to know that I'm blessed none-the-less.
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