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Re: Serious Problems with my 7yr old

Originally Posted by Tiffer23 View Post
I agree. That is really really scary.

My niece has Aspergers and some of that DOES sounds really similar to her. You might ask about that.

I asked the doctor about Aspergers probably about 2 or 3 years ago because that is exactly what I saw, and I was praying there was an answer, she sent him to the local childrens hospital for developmental and ____ tests and quite a bit of money later, and because of his age they couldn't do a real IQ test so they said he was "bright" but he had speech issues, which I had already known, but they weren't serious enough to get help through the school, although this year they were and boy did he LOVE getting pulled out of class!! So I will have the Ped give me some more ideas again and get things rolling again and between counseling (which he has an appointment for next week) and more testing and individual time with mom, we shall see what we can do, it is truly not easy having this kiddo, the friend of mine I spoke with yesturday about counseling (who gave me the referrals) said she loved him, and I said, "really? sometimes he drives me nuts even though I love him too" She chuckled and said, "I didn't say he wasn't challenging, because he certainly is, there is a lot going on in his head at any given minute, and he definitely cannot spit it out" So we shall see, Thank you ALL for your input, at least I have a direction unlike the feeling I had yesturday about this.
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