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Re: Serious Problems with my 7yr old

So sorry mama!

My DS (also big for his age and scored above 99th percentile for IQ when school district tested him) is also the same with writing ~ although I prefer to homeschool, I don't even think it is an option with him. We tried it last year for a month in 2nd grade and he refused to write. He would cry and yell at the teacher telling her he doesn't have to do things perfectly and only her way. Much easier for me and him at home.... BUT, I do not have all of the behavioral problems you have... there is the lack of social ability, and extreme stubborness though, but not the lack of remorse, that is very frightening.
I was diagnosed with Asperger's as an adult, so I worry some with DS, but the ped (who I need a referral from) says if it doesn't effect his work at school, then we don't need to worry about it ~ and since I homeschool.... naturally, I think the better I know what I'm dealing with the better I can help my son... but we will get a new ped soon.
I would definitely get a professional to evaluate him, and get him some therapy, as that is very scary stuff. I am so sorry you're having to go through that!

Gifted children can have more difficulties than children with learning difficulties, and are much more prone to things like suicide and depression. I believe it is not too early to try to prevent as many as these problems as possible - but I am still learning how to deal with my DS as well, so don't have any advice on what to do. Good luck, mama!
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