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Re: I need to understand something about those not bf.

Originally Posted by momtojande View Post
That's another of what I think are the oversold benefits of breastfeeding. Breastfeeding reduces the rates of ear infections -- but it is just one of many factors, and definitely no guarantee.

My son got some formula along with nursing for 7 months, then all formula. My daughter was only breastfed. Both have had some ear infections, not an extraordinary number but not zero either.

Not really wanting to harp or sound anti-breastfeeding. It's just that overselling the benefits can lead to some of exactly what this thread is about -- BFing moms not comprehending how anyone could decide against such a wonderful, perfect experience. The reality is that it's not easy for everyone, not everyone enjoys it, and it doesn't work miracles on the baby's health (usually).

The flip side of that, is that certainly for a long time in American history, people were oversold on formula and on the concept that breastfeeding is too difficult. So I realize a lot of the BFing info out there is meant to counter that, to show people that it really is achievable for many/most women, and to provide info on how to make it work. It's just important to keep a little perspective, if you really want to understand why other moms make other choices.
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