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Re: I lost my tandem nurslings on Friday!

Originally Posted by sheleighya View Post
I have supplied a phone for my son to use with no cost to their dad, and even made an offered to dad to use a portion of the child support pay his phone bill before sending it, but he'd have to agree to deduct that amount from child-sup.

Their father simply told my son upon exchange that "we don't need this," and gave it back to me. I received it back knowing that their father has left many things that my sons has tried to bring with him to his dad's house on the ground in front of the children without allowing me to get it from his hands.

My son cried out and resisted and pleaded with him to allow him to bring it along, but he just didn't let him have it. He never responded to my suggestion to pay the cell phone bill on behalf of the children's need to have frequent and regular contact with me out side of visitations. I have sent several emails regarding phone contact, and he just ignores them or use them as a reason to demean me and misrepresent my efforts.

The children do not nurse, and hasn't since 2009. I have given him no more reason to be in attack mode, and to help things die down, including help my now 6 year old sleep in his own bed.

I don't mind a family bed, but their father tried to use that as a reason to insinuate sexual abuse to any one and every one that will listen, including my son's many therapists. So, to show that I'm trying to work with their father's desire for our son to sleep in his own bed, I put him back, and don't mind putting him back because he does sleep there when I do, only he wakes up about 1-2 times a night, as he has since he was a baby. Upon waking he comes back to my bed.

It's what I have to do for now, but it's worth it to show that I'm not against him sleeping on his own, and if he is able to do so why mind. However, there is not way to stop him from waking up that often, he has nightmares he's told me about fire, and is afraid of the dark now, but was not before going into dad's custody.

When I hear him and usually take him to the bthrm to pee, because I'm in the process of breaking him from nightwetting with comforting success, although dad puts him on night time pants for peeing. Afterwards I usually put him back in his bed. But like I said, he gets up and comes back when he awakes, as is his normal childhood habit.
Mama, emailing him this info is not enough. You need to make the legal system aware that he has broken a judges court order.

Do ya'll have "open" court days there? (sorry,not sure what the legal term is) Can you get on the list to take this before a judge?
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