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Re: I need to understand something about those not bf.

Originally Posted by barefootnomadeatsfree View Post
A lot of the reasons I can come up with have already been stated, but also: a lot of people are under the impression that formula is just as good as breast milk...and if it's just as good, well, why not, right? It's "easier", you don't have to "flash" the whole world to feed your baby, and it "gives Dad a chance" to bond with the, "same exact health benefits"!

My dd was FF after 6 weeks bc i went in for a weight check and they said "give her the formula or we admit her" I had NO experience no more information then what the nurses told me at the hospital Looking back i quit to easy but i cant change that i can only learn from it. I stopped nursing ods at around 8ish months so went longer than i did with dd but again had no real info on the real benefits and he finished his first year FF. NOW yds. I went from day 1 of finding out i was preggo to LLL meetings and had TONS of friends around me nursing and nursing toddlers. The support was FINALLY here for me. I went through a very very very hard time nursing yds. He was FTT and ended up getting donor milk till he was 6 weeks and my supply picked up. I refused to stop no matter how upset i was no matter how much i hated my body for not "doing its job". If this is what many moms go through and the support isn't there i can see why FF would be easier.
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