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Re: How big was your DC at 12-13 months?

Originally Posted by MollyJones View Post
Just trying to figure out what's normal...

Please specify if your DC was still BF'd & whether they are a boy or a girl.
DS was preemie 33.5 wks 4 lbs 7 oz
My DS is 17.5 pounds at a year... and 6-12 month pants still just slip right down on his hips... He is still BF'd about 3x/day.
He was 18 lbs, 29 in. No jelly rolls, a slightly round belly- never has been on the normal charts. Ped doesn do adjusted age I guess...
He hasn't been on the "normal" charts since he was about 6 months old... and has been about the 5%-10% on the breastfed charts... now I don't even know if he's on those ones. He still has that "newborn thinness" to him... never got any rolls or anything. He doesn't even have that cute round baby belly. I see all these nice rolly chubby babies on here and get concerned... and a little jealous.

He is VERY active... insanely active! But he eats pretty well if we can get him to sit still and do it. DS eats a lot too. I read in preemie magazine how to maximize nutrition- it was their last issue. It helps parents get their kiddies up to par. The ped told me that weight gain slows when the babies become more active. I was worried too but no prbs!

He is going to the doctor in the next couple weeks for his 1 year check up... but just trying to figure out how normal this is. He looks so tiny to me when I see him w/ the other 1 yr olds in the church nursery...
There are 8 mo olds bigger than ds- the only reason 12 mo pants fit now if cause of his diaper booty! lol
Don't feel so jealous- your son may just have a high metabolism!
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