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Re: I HATE BFING!!!!!!!

I would rec going to a LLL meeting or talking to a LC as well. You mention being uncomfortable. Well, you also mentioned just not liking the feel of it all, too, but if there is true discomfort, she could very well have a tongue tie, or a high palate or something "wrong" that contributes to the way it feels.

To commiserate a little...My son doesn't sit still when he nurses either, and I can't really figure out why. He pushes away so he's pulling very hard on my nipple, he turns in different directions, and he unlatches constantly, do to his poor suck...It's not a lot of fun in those situations.

Also, are you taking vitamins? I take a great vitamin complex as well as eat healthy, and because of that I allow myself to graze on "bad" things every so often, stop at Taco Bell, eat too much ice cream, etc.. Because I know my body and his is already very well taken care of. Also, as far as the caffeine, while some babies are sensitive to it, not all are, and says that there is no reason not to drink it if baby can handle it. I drink energy drinks

I'm sorry it's not fun for you, and you aren't enjoying it. I would definitely recommend going to get checked out for PPD as others have mentioned too. And find a way to get your boyfriend to help you out. That is totally unfair of him, and could very well be the root of all that's going on. You need to feel appreciated for all you're doing, despite how you are feeling, and you don't seem to be getting that from him. I'm very sorry. I know what that's like!

You are doing an amazing thing, though, and you know your daughter will appreciate it sooo very much when she is old enough to know
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