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Re: Spent the afternoon in the ER! I am SO MAD!

Aww mama, I'm so sorry that ur dd had to go thru that. You are right to be upset. You ASKED, and took ever precoution you are suposed to take! And they, as a resturant, failed you. They should be responcable for the '17 ur olds' mistakes. I would do one of the many things listed in this post, to ensure that this does not happen to anyone else. Give her lots of lovins!

I do have a ? to everyone though..

When I was 17 I was out with some friends (at a chinese restuarant) and I had taken @ two bites of crab legs and eaten about 2 shrimps. Then all of a sudden my toung was swelling up... I freaked out.. I asked the people working there wth was in the food.. They said nothing other then what they usually put in.. So I stayed calm and waited @ 3 mins.. BIG mistake. I could feel my throat closing. So my friend ran me to the er, that was @ 5 mins away, by the time we got there I was having a hard time breathing and they put me on O2 and gave me two shots. And then I was fine. They told me not to eat shelfish or MSG until I went to an allergist. Well at that time I was not able to see one (no ins..). So I just never ate it again. Well about 2 yrs ago I ate shrimp, then crab etc.. And I was FINE! The place this happend at said that they don't use mSG and it was also posted on there windows and menu.. So I really don 't know what it was that had me sick. Any ideas? I stayed away from both msg and shelfish for 7 yrs and then all of a sudden I'm okay to have it?? WEIRD to me lol..

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