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Re: I lost my tandem nurslings on Friday!

Originally Posted by ~happy2Bamommy~ View Post
Mama, emailing him this info is not enough. You need to make the legal system aware that he has broken a judges court order.

Do ya'll have "open" court days there? (sorry,not sure what the legal term is) Can you get on the list to take this before a judge?
I have never heard of such a thing before, I'm tempted to say no, but that's something I will look into. NC is known to be peculiar in the judicial system when most others states have changed their laws and statutes to meet the needs of changing society. However, I'm hoping they do.
"Blessed None-the-less"
I've lost custody of my children b/c my religious convictions are opposed to vaccinations, I practiced child-led weaning, and was a stay-at-home mother that desired to home-school. Yet no harm proven! But to have them anytime is enough to know that I'm blessed none-the-less.
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