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Re: Question for mamas that fully vax...

Originally Posted by ndunn View Post
If you give tylenol while your child has the chickenpox (which they could get from the vaccine) it can actually do some serious damage. Just something to think about if you're getting that vaccine.
I'll see if I can dig up the link.
Isn't it asprin that causes the problems?

I know this is a pro vax thread so I will not say anything about not vaxing. However, all of these fevers, abnormal crankiness, especially anyone who's child developed a rash, ARE ALL Reactions. A vaccination without a reaction means that the child was exactely the same after the shot (minus the first few minutes of pain from being stuck) if the child is different, fever, cranky, rash, hard knot, it IS a reaction regardless of how your doctor tries to play it off. By law these reactions should be reported to the Vaccine Adverse Effects Reporting Database. It is run by the US Department of Health and human Services. All reactions should be reported, they will then look into it and determine if they believe it was the vaccine or something else (many times a doctor may say the child had a cold coming on or something similar, according to VAERS that is their decision to make, not the doctors)

Done now. See, I am anti-vax for my family because I am the one to make the decisions for them. As for everyone else's decisions, i don't believe in bashing or belittling, just educating.
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