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School lunch questions and fish free pitfalls?

I just found out that the school my DD will be attending come September is not only nut free (all nuts, not just peanuts), but they have a severely fish allergic child in attendance, so no seafood products either. So I'd like to pick some brains, if you ladies wouldn't mind.

1) Any products that have fish in them that I might not be aware of? I know I can't send caesar dressing, but are there any others? The nut stuff is labelled, but not so much the fish.

2) DD won't eat most meats, and I'm trying to get more protein in her - tuna and peanut butter are my standbys and they're now both out for school lunches. Any other ideas? And no, no such thing as a hot lunch in any elementary school around here. I've only ever seen an elementary cafeteria on television.
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