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EBFed baby with tooth decay!

Has anyone's baby have tooth decay because they nursed their baby exclusively? My last three childrens' teeth started to get holes in the front of all of their teeth at about 18m of age. Well the dentist never once asked me if I BFed. It was always "do they suck a bottle at night?" So I have three children full of stainless steel caps even though I did everything I could to prevent it (low sugar, brush 2x a day, wipe teeth with wet rag during the day, etc.) the damage was already dons before they even started solids! Well after the last child's teeth started falling apart, I googles nursing and decay. Well EBFing caused tooth decay! Why oh why! I breast fed because I thought it was best. Very weak baby teeth does run in my family, so that is also a strong factor. I was just curious if anyone else had this problem. OK, enough venting.
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