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Re: EBFed baby with tooth decay!

Breastmilk actually contains lactoferrin, which is a decay fighting agent. My (& my childrens') dentist actually recommends extended breastfeeding to help prevent decay AND to help properly align a child's jaw. Sidenote: my aunt works for a pediatric dentist, and he, too, disagrees with the research that says breastfeeding leads to decay.

My 5 year & 17 month old has perfect teeth so far. I would say it's good genetics, but my husband and I both have had several fillings in our lifetime, so I contribute it to proper dental hygiene. I am very proactive with their teeth. I let the kids brush their own teeth after breakfast to get 'practice' in, but I brush their teeth before bed, even my 5 year old's.

My dentist recommends the parent brushing the teeth before bed until the child is capable of writing in cursive. He says at that point they should have the proper hand dexterity to reach all surfaces of the teeth. I've watched my 5 year old brush his teeth. He tends to stick to just the front as opposed to reaching the back without my constant supervision.

My 17 month old still nurses before bedtime. I brush her teeth as part of her bedtime routine, but I do nurse afterwards.. I just don't allow any other form of food/liquid (other than breastmilk) after her teeth are brushed.

ETA: I don't mean to imply that your childrens' decay is due to lack of dental hygiene. Not at all! Genetics very well can play a part in weakened enamel.
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