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Re: Help, my 6 yo DS has B.O. BAD!

It's easy. (for now)

He's just not cleaning himself good enough....

You can use dial soap, and really scrub them good. I have heard someone say Spritzing a little vodka on his armpits will kill the bacteria. Make sure he dries himself really well too.

But, basically, once you kill the bacteria, the smell will go away temporarily. It isn't the normal B.O that he will have when he is about 9-ish. That's when you need real deoderant. It still stinks the same though.

Now, you just need to find something that kills the bacteria. Vinegar, baking soda, Dial soap, tea tree oil... whatever you have that might work.

A good long swim in a chlorinated pool will help too.

It's scary isn't it? Just that horrifying thought that your little boy is going through puberty already. It's not a good feeling. I lost a lot of sleep over that.
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