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Ds won't touch meat so for lunches I have to think hard.

Waffles, fruit, yogurt
Homemade lunchables- crackers, cheese, carrot sticks, celery
Muffins (I make all kinds and keep them frozen, today he got a apple muffin)
Fried rice
Tofu nuggets (make like chicken nuggets but tofu
Plain pasta with parm cheese
Garlic bread
Tofu scramble with veggies
Asian style veggies (veggies in a simple soy sauce)
Corn bread
Veggie chicken patties
Veggie sausage (why he won't eat meat but eats the veggie kind is beyond me)

I normally pair with fruit and yogurt and a fun side. He eats like a bird. If peanut butter and tuna are a staple for protein try switching what is eaten for breakfast and lunch. Who says you cannot have a tuna sandwich for breakfast and waffles for lunch? Or peanut butter on toast for breakfast. That is if you eat breakfast at home.
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