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Unhappy I need help increasing my supply :(

After having 3 losses (one which was ectopic), we finally stayed pregnant with our beautiful little girl (4th times the charm! ). I was nearly two weeks late, had to be induced and 46 hours after induction, ended up having a c-section. Basically, nothing has been easy.

Luckily, we have a gorgeous little lady who was a robust 9lb 15oz at birth.

Unfortunately, my supply has been horribly low from the start.

During pregnancy, I never leaked at all - my breasts hardly even changed in size. Once she was born, I had an extremely hard time getting her to latch on (despite having LCs and nurses assisting me numerous times during the 3 days after her birth). My nipples were getting scabby and cracking like crazy and when she would stay on the breast, it hurt the entire time. I started pumping in the hospital, but never got more than a single drop of colostrum (or nothing at all) so I just kept praying for my milk to come in.

About 4 days after her birth, it finally came in... not much fanfare. I didn't become engorged at all - my breasts were slightly fuller and occasionally leaked a few drops, but I figured that was normal for me, so I nursed her every 3-ish hours. I probably should have done it more often, but I was in horrible pain. I finally tried some nipple shields which I thought were my saving grace.

Unfortunately, by her 2 week appointment, my poor baby had lost well over 10% of her birth weight. I felt horrible (and feel awful just thinking back on it).

I immediately started giving her formula. When I started pumping, I was disappointed to discover that I was getting - at best - 1 oz between BOTH breasts. My "record" was a whopping 2 oz.

Anyway, I'm still nursing her - although more as "comfort nursing" and I'm still pumping, but I've started my period so my supply has dropped to about 1/2 - 3/4 oz between both sides. I'm hoping that'll increase once AF stops.

My MIL purchased some More Milk Plus which I've been taking for a couple of days now - not sure if I see an improvement just yet. I also ordered some More Milk Special Blend since it seems like the goat rue might be useful to me, but haven't started that yet.

I was just hoping you ladies who may have had the same trouble had any suggestions that might help me to get my milk boosted.

My baby is now nearly 7 weeks old and I'm trying best to hang onto whatever little supply I have so she gets at least a few ounces per day.

Thanks for any suggestions/advice.
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