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Re: I need help increasing my supply :(

I also had a csection and almost lost my milk. I was given the sheilds and almost lost my milk using them. First I was given the wrong size in the hospital and the baby could not latch. I went to the proper size and then eventually weened him.

Once I got the baby actually onto the breast,, Things started to improve. I had to pump every 2 hours for the first months. I also took fenugreek.

If you have pain while nursing get checked for thrush it is very common in women who had c sections and got high dose antibiotics.

Also try an sns system it will build milk while supplementing.

I was down to drops from each breast and sometimes nothing with pumping. But I kept it up, and combined with the fenugreek and sns, reatment of thrush and help of a lacatin consultant was able to boost it back up. I still have pain, I am not going to lie. But he nurses and that was what I wanted so I nurse through the pain.
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