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Suggestions for night

Please make some suggestions that may get us through the night with no leaks. My DD is 14 months and peeing through everything we have. We have tried:
1. FB OS stuffed with microfiber and babykicks hemp
2. pocket (BG, BB) stuffed with flip stay-dry and babykicks hemp (and even 2 hemps, but that made the legs gape horribly and the diaper didn't fit anymore)
3. FB medium stuffed with econobum prefold and hemp insert

We've been putting her in disposables (with fleece liners) to keep the leaks down, but we hate doing that. I understand that some people might suggest fitteds, but I'm worried about the amount of wetness touching her skin - she's sensitive and even a tiny bit of wetness gives her blistering and bleeding diaper rash. In the leaking diapers she gets redness and blisters on her tummy and thighs shen it leaks onto her clothes. Are there fitteds that are all-over staydry?

Please help. My LO is turning red all over from the wet diapers. In the disposable it's a bit better, but the fleece liners shift around in there and she still gets patches of nasty redness if the diaper touches her skin.

Thanks for your help.
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