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Re: Artwork - instock/custom/semi-custom

Honest opinion...please don't be offended by anything I say.

For the particular style you have the water color is not the best medium. Acrylic and oil because of the density of color and vibrant colors are a much better vehicle. The acrylic painting I like the best. Have you ever used Gouache? It's like water color but not nearly as weak color wise. It's more expensive and a little trickier to use as it can flake if not used right but the result is a much richer coloration. This is what I would use for things like cards in your style.

Your style is very graphic which there is definitely a market for. You do need to play to that.

My best advice other wise is look at more work by artists with a similar style. Check out art nouveau painters as they are quite similar in the stylization of nature. Also take a close look at the work of Albert Paley. Just for the lines and forms.

I really cannot stress how important it is for you to look at as much work as possible as well as keeping a sketch book on you at all times. Write down every idea, thought, sketch all the time. You will be amazed at how helpful this is when it comes time to make and finish an actual painting.

Sorry for the novel. I hope I was some help.
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