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Re: I need help increasing my supply :(

Thank you for the replies ladies.

I will start adding some fenugreek to the More Milk Plus/Special Blend I've been taking. I know it contains fenugreek too, but I don't think its anywhere near as much as taking the pure fenugreek pills is. The pill form on the "plus" version says 333mg "herb weight equivalent" (but it has 4-5 different herbs combined)... i don't see a mg # on the liquid "special blend" that I ordered, but I'm assuming its probably close to the same.

Does anyone have any experience taking straight fenugreek on top of the more milk stuff?

Also, any suggestions on how many mg or pills I should take?

And if anyone else has more suggestions or even just some encouraging words or similar personal experiences, I would sure love to hear them.

Thanks again,


ETA: my daughter is now one day shy of 7 weeks old, so I've been dealing with this low supply for that length of time (in case it makes a difference)

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