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Re: Are natural methods to induce labor...

I personally think the reason for the induction is the more important thing to remember. If it is simply for the comfort or choice of the mom because she is just ready then well I think it isn't a great idea. If it is for the health of either, or because of some possible problem then whatever method is most effective should be done. I allowed the dr to induce me with DD1 because he was leaving the country to care for a sick mom and I didn't want to be delivered by his colleague from a different practice whom I had never met. However, I was 39 wks 3 days so it wasn't like it was early.

However, if you are 40+ weeks and looking for ways to encourage the baby to come without going to the hospital then I completely agree with the castor oil home remedies etc to encourage labor. After all, if the baby isn't really ready then it will not work.
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