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Re: Are natural methods to induce labor...

I am facing a medical induction this time at 39 weeks. In general I would love to not have to be induced but it is the best/safest option for us but we are going to do just about everything we can between 37 and 39 weeks to get me to go into labor on my own. My midwives think I have a better chance of baby coming out and reducing the risk of dystocia if I go earlier than 39 weeks, they also feel like my labor will progress more smoothly if I can get my body into labor on my own and the hospital will not allow an induction before 39 weeks in my situation. They suggested we just schedule a csection after 39 weeks which isn't something I want to do either.

In general, if I did not have any risk factors I would have no problem sitting around and being pregnant until 42 or 43 weeks. With my last I didn't try anything other than some EPO late in my pregnancy and then having my membranes swept at just over 41 weeks before I timed out of the birth centers limits and I was fine. I know I am not one to try things whether they or natural or not just because I am sick of being pregnant but when faced with the option of pitocin and cervadil or some natural things I can do on my own I am hoping that some of the things I can do on my own will work.
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