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Re: What do you eat? Where do you get it? Grocery budget is killing me!

Im down with chinatown! I always like an adventure but I just dont really know where to go there and I hate paying for parking and wandering aimlessly with kids.

Ive been to the Haleiwa market, Peoples open market in a few locations found out they base their prices on 30% off the grocery store prices but didnt find that to be true at all, waikiki farmers market but I havent made it to the Kcc one yet. Im going to try this saturday but it seems like it may be more of a tourist draw so Id imagine the prices would be higher.

Costco has frozen leg and thigh bags for $11 for 10lbs. and the bs breats 10/$20. I remember you saying you dont have costco though.

I FINALLY got everyone gone no more visitors until Sept. so whenever you want to get together for a playdate...
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