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Re: My DD was just diagnosed as being anemic...

Originally Posted by MDever View Post
Have you heard of EE (eosinophilic esophagitis)? A very dear friend of ours had a DS suffering with this. The things you mention sound very similar. It is rather rare and most people seem to have never heard of it. Our thoughts are with you for a healed healthy Little One.
We actually saw a pediatric GI at Children's in February to look into EE. At the time the Dr didn't feel she had that (they didn't scope her) because her reflux symptoms only flared up when I ate something she was allergic to (I was ebf at the time...still am nursing now but addind more solids). The dr. felt that he would not get an accurate scope because I had been on an elimination diet for 5 months at this time and so she wasn't being exposed to the issue foods. And he didn't want us to expose her to them just to scope. He also said the course of action with EE is to eliminate and avoid trigger foods and reflux meds which we were doing (she doesn't take them anymore).

I will ask again when we see him in 2 weeks. He wants DD to be on an iron supplement for 2 weeks to try and up her iron levels before they will scope. I am not sure if they will just do a rectal scope since she was having blood after pooping or if they will do an upper as well. I am waiting for them to call us with an appointment.

I just feel so discouraged because I have tried so hard to keep nursing her. I have been on an elimination diet of milk, eggs, peanuts, nuts, peas, beans, oats, carrots, etc. going on 9 months. I have had numerous blocked ducts, mastitis, supply issues and so on but 15 months later she is still nursing. Now I find out my milk is not giving her the iron she needs and now this. I am just feeling like maybe I should have put her on a hypoallergenic formula which would have given her more iron.

Any tips on how to get her to eat more iron foods or can I take more supplements or eat foods to up it in my milk for her?
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