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Re: Trend Lab diapers???

Originally Posted by trendlabllc View Post
My name is Kim and I am the Customer Service Manager at Trend Lab. We are disturbed by your negative comments regarding our products. We would like to see the notification that you are referring to about our refusal to do anything about complaints. To date, we have not received a single valid complaint from actual users of our cloth diapers. We have done extensive testing usage through daycare providers who have multiple age groups through volunteers and from consumers. The only issue we have is the slanderous comments on cloth diapering blogs from people who have not even used our products. You are asking us to come up with a solution to a problem that no one using the product has experienced. If you wish to discuss this please call me at our toll free number (866-873-6352) as I would sincerely like to resolve the issues you have with our product.
I was one of the people who, as a concerned cloth diapering mom, emailed your company. I saw the diapers at a local consignment store(not on consignment, but for sale new). And I was very concerned about first time cloth diaper-ers seeing the great price, cute look, and trying that out for their first cloth diaper.... then their baby having a terrible rash from it and them blaming just CLOTH DIAPERS, not knowing it was the microfiber.

Now, the response I got from the company was promising. They stated they would immediately start making them with a cotton or microfleece layer on top of the microfiber, and make sleeves of cotton or microfleece to slip over the already made ones. Has that happened... NO.

Have I tried Trend Lab diapers? NO. I would LOVE to try them, I love the price, I love that they can be purchased local, I love that they look well made. But I WILL NOT put by baby's bum on the lab table in order to test out if the microfiber will hurt her or not. If you put up a poll on here, asking the moms who thinks microfiber is a no-no against baby's skin, your going to get at least a 90% yes. The other 10% is those whos babies for some reason dont have issues with it (idk why) or new-cd-ers who dont know about it yet.

If the company changes what they said they would change, Im sure I would pick up a few
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