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Re: Ethical question about Ameda

I guess maybe its because I had to many friends tell me there medical issues 1 of them were male. People in general were always comfortable telling me showing me things rather than there Dr.s first. I will spare you the details LOL! any ways the guy I am referring to had a problem. His skin when fully erect could not be pulled back at all it would a completely ripped & asked me what he should do?
He could never engage in a intimate relationship cause a of pain & to much embarrassment he had received in the past. I told him talk to your Dr. he said he was scared & didn't know how to plus feared getting circ'ed in his 20's.
Unfortunately he had to have this painful procedure done in his 20's because he could never get married & have a X life if he didn't.
His condition was not rare by any mean's. I had read in 1 of my brothers books a about this & men trying to stretch it with out tearing it.
It also talked about how they used to cut off way too much skin & men having to stretch there skin.
It goes both way's!!

Which is why they do Partial circumcisions as a norm you can request full circ's for religious purposes but most Dr.s would argue against this strongly.

I Understand the Hate for Full Circumcisions. But not Partial 1's?
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