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Re: S/O Dr.s recommending circ for older babies/children

Originally Posted by Mom2Gray View Post
I've never had it recommended to me, but I DO know that many pedi's ARE unfamiliar with the uncirc'ed penis, and I think that's ridiculous. My son's first pedi tried to retract him at every visit even after I asked him not to. HELLO?? We moved a few months ago and I haven't even been brave enough to begin a new pedi. search...I'm weary of them.
You're right, I finally found a non circ friendly person at my peds office- she recommended that we let ds's ear infection clear up naturally. Guess why? She's the Nurse practictioner and she's Canadian! She's also the one that told me about egg allergies and the mmr vaccine. I really like her. I will be taking my children to see her from now own.
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