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Re: Trend Lab diapers???

Originally Posted by cjslater1 View Post
Greenline used to have microfiber bamboo inserts and when people said they didn't like the idea of it they changed to bamboo cotton, no one said they had issues with it just wanted a different choice. I don't think it is wrong for people to be concerned about something like that and it isn't malicious, it is kind of liking saying unless you are our customer we don't care, but how do you get new customers then? I haven't tried them, but just think maybe an option for something different would be good seeing as how this community is pretty tight, it may help with business.
Thank you for taking note about Green Line switching for their customers. I do agree with both parties. Microfibre comes in a variety of forms, and it is really hard to say how one brand of microfibre is made vs another.

Green Line soakers were made with 30% bamboo and 70% microfibre, we never had any complaints with people having breakouts/rashes. However we did have a few people mention wanting more natural fibres in the soakers and so we looked into switching the make up of our soakers. Not an easy task by any means. But all in all I think our now %70 bamboo and %30 cotton soakers will do the trick

Sorry to hear people are saying negative reviews on diapers they haven't tried. Maybe if you are concerned with the microfibre you could use a thin fleece liner to cover the insert?. That way you can still use the Trend Lab diapers you purchased.
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