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Re: Ethical question about Ameda

Putting the plastibell issue aside. (which Medela is being boycotted because they "violate the who code")

I had a PY and wouldn't have made it EPing. The piece broke down within about 4 months. Kinda started getting jerkey, and didn't work. Everyone was like "oh... I don't know whats wrong... send it in for 6 weeks and we'll check it out" WTF.. How was my baby going to eat for those 6 weeks? Dumb. I ended up limping through, a combo of lots of breast compressions, and nursing one side, while pumping the other (to take advantage of the let down)
I've heard good things from premie moms about the Lactina.
I also want to get my hands on a Simplisse. They look like they would be what I need

I would get the hospital grade work horse if you plan on EP. Also, not to butt into your business. I wouldn't wish EPing on my worse enemy. Pumping bloooows.

Like cassie said. Don't blame the maker. If there wasn't a market, they wouldn't make it. Plus, they are a medical device company. Not an evil circumcision pushing hechman who happens to make breast pumps (to fund more circs bwhahahaa!)

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